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Breaking the meeting conspiracy with team feedback!

The first team feedback steps I took 10 years ago

with After Action Review were going in the right direction: addressing the way we learn about improving meetings, beyond the effective meetings recipe. This  requires first to acknowledge individual responsibility and then to install feedback  mechanisms - like After Action Review -. But I missed the last mile: creating collective responsibility and this is why After Action Review was so difficult to maintain. The meeting leader must acknowledge this collective responsibility and create the conditions for this latent responsibility to become a reality.

How to do it ?

Just persuade the meeting leader of a regular meeting to follow these simple steps:
  1. Identify the team member (A) most gifted to give feedback

  2. Select with A 3/4 initial specific improvement goals for his recurrent team meeting. Beyond the "technical" aspects of meetings like agenda management and note taking, you can look for inspiration in the team building ground rules

  3. At the next meeting start, the leader explains the improvement goals and the feedback process

  4. At the end of that meeting, A gives feedback to each participant, one by one, on his positive and improvements points against the meeting improvement goals. +/- 40 seconds per participant and no argument/discussion during the feedback

  5. After 2/3 meetings, the role of feedback giver begins to rotates at every meeting

  6. When one of the improvement goals is reached by team consensus, just replace it with a new one.

Does this work ?

Every team leader who has decided to use this simple feedback has reported solid results after less than 3 meetings and their team is still using this  process after 4 to 12 month. No training, no best practice list. Just Action Learning at its best ...

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