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Team building techniques to improve team performance

Many different team building techniques can be used to help teams improve their performance. The list of technique documented here does not pretend to be complete: it is based on our direct experience and on the results we have been able to help client teams to build. The techniques are classified with our team performance model: the foundations of team performance are in the 3 last categories: self mastery, mutual learning and mainly constructive interactions.


  • Team vision (Visioning)

  • Developing support for team performance

  • Managing team stakeholder's and boundaries


  • Team objectives  (High Leverage Results)

  • Effective team membership

  • Myers Briggs : effective roles based on "MBTI preferences"

  • Team norms and values


  • Dilemma management

  • Systemic analysis : Understanding how systems change

  • Effective decisions (Action Learning )

  • Solving problems and opportunities (Action Learning )

  • Action planning, results monitoring and action corrections ( Action Learning

  • Meeting management


  • 360 : open feedback from team members

  • Myers Briggs : personal behavior from "MBTI preferences"

  • Delegating with trust

  • Interactions self-awareness ( Action Learning )

Mutual learning

Constructive interactions

We complete this list with the additional techniques used by team coaches:

Team coaching

As you can see above, Action Learning is a very powerful team coaching and performance improvement approach, addressing simultaneously results driven team processes and the team learning foundations of the team performance model :
Action Learning versus team performance model

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