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Team building stories:
helping us to learn !

Stories and cases do help us to understand, relate to and memorize ideas. The team building stories and cases below have been chosen to illustrate this site categories:
  • issues: illustrating how a team building issue affects a real team(s)
  • techniques and exercises: showing how a team building technique and/or exercise has been practically applied
  • games: explaining how a game contributes concretely to team building
  • workshop and programs: explaining how a workshop(s) or a team building program was designed and managed to meet its (business) objectives
So all stories below are structured and presented to help you best learn this site ideas. They all:
  • have a title explaining the key message
  • include a maximum of 3 clearly identified key lessons.


Ineffective interactions degrade scarce resource allocation decisions.

"Undiscussable" interactions / mistrust kill learning opportunities.

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