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How to get business results
from team building activities?

"Business results from team building activities?" The question I was asked many times since I started as a business coach back in 1994. The question I asked many times to understand how I could better help my client teams - more than 60 and growing - reach these great results. And I want to share with you the answers I found in the corporate context.

Remember when you were a member of a great team: the business results were flowing effortlessly: it felt simple and easy. All members were aligned around a clear goal and the delivery of the results to meet the goal. Mutual trust was consistently high.

Problems were popping as usual, but did not stop the momentum. The members had sometimes clear disagreements about the potential solutions, but after some discussions everybody was aligned again around a creative solution. And the results just continued to flow.

And even though we would prefer to forget it, remember when you were a member of a mediocre team: poor results, feeling of difficult efforts, lack of mutual trust, strong disagreements, poor decision making process, weak commitments and even worse: no open serious team discussion of the problems and thus no sustained improvements. 

Team building activities brought only a temporary relief, if any. So after some time and a lot of stress and frustration, the poor results led invariably to the change of the leader and/or a reorganization re-shuffling the membership.

  • so what is the root cause of "poor team" ?
  • and how can we concretely buid great teams to reap the business results and the personal job satisfaction?

Here are my preferred exploration pathes through this site for these questions. Based on your specific expectations, you will certainly find your better path.
  • If you want to see the big picture for effective team building, start with "root issues"
  • If you look for solution(s) to specific issues, start with the team performance model

And here are all the major sections of this site:
  1. discover how unconscious defensive interactions are one of the major root issues of mediocre teams and what brain sciences tell us about defensive interactions

  2. explore how team building contributes to different corporate initiatives

  3. review the skills you need to build and lead great teams

  4. understand how different techniques and models do result in constructive interactions, effective processes and improved skills

  5. learn a series of exercises, games and approaches which have been designed to deliver the results promosed by the above techniques and models

  6. explore how these exercises and games can be assembled into series of  workshops to help a business team improve its performance

  7. read stories and cases  used to illustrate the above issues, concepts, techniques, exercises ...

  8. our services and team: how can we help you ? who are we ?

  9. access  resources : our papers, books, articles, quotes and consultants (including coaches and trainers)

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